Thursday, August 14, 2014

Student Choice Boards {FREEBIE!}

Do your students willingly accept your assistance during the school year but groan during the summer?

Have you ever expected to spend your entire session with a student working on homework as usual only to have them walk in without their backpack?

 I have three words for you: Student. Choice. Boards.

I started using these student choice boards at the very start of the summer tutoring season and they were a huge success!

In the past, I had written out on a white board in order what I wanted to accomplish during the hour and had the students check off the tasks as we went along.

Yes, they did their work. Yes, there was grumbling.

It is summer! When given the choice between spending an hour with me in the library working or an hour in the orthodontist's chair not working, my students would probably choose the latter. And that's okay.

So as a result of not wanting another summer of grumbling grumbles sitting next to me, I whipped up the student choice boards.

One for math...

...and one for reading.

And just like that the grumbles stopped.

So this is how it goes:
First, my students pick if we will be starting with math or reading.
Then, they take my spinning dice (yep, you read that correctly)  and spin for a number.
Next, we work on what was written in the box that matches the number.
Last, alternate between the boards until your tutoring session is over.

Easy. Peasy. Grumble-free.
I decide what we need to work on and my students get to decide when we do it.

I know that during the school year our time together will most likely always be spent on homework. There will be days, however, when books and backpacks are forgotten or *gasp* the teacher didn't assign any for the week. With the student choice boards already filled out and the lesson materials in my tutoring bag, I will always be prepared to hear, "I don't have any homework so what are we going to do?"

You can grab these student choice boards HERE in my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store for FREE. There is a set for using with dice and a set for using with spinners, or if you are super lucky like us, spinning dice!


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